The History Of Hypnosis

photo by mark koch
  • temple of imhotep

    Pre-Historic Times

    Hypnosis is as old as mankind, and used under many different names by healers, priests, shamans, midwives, and many others.
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  • Mesmer

    Mesmer 1774

    Mesmer can be considered the grandfather of Hypnosis. He brought it into science as well as onto the Stage.
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  • Lucid Dreaming

    Lucid Sleep

    The famous Abbe Faria was also a student of Mesmer. He became famous about the concept of the Lucid Sleep.
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  • Etienne Henin de Cuvillers

    Hypnotist Inventor

    The first person to use the words “Hypnotism” and “Hypnotist” was Etienne de Cuvillers, another student of Mesmer. These names…
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  • Jules Cloquet

    Hypnosis As Anesthetic

    On April 12, 1829, Dr. Jules Cloquet was the first surgeon to use Hypnosis to replace anesthesia while performing surgery…
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  • James Braid

    James Braid

    Dr. James Braid, a respected general surgeon in Manchester, England, went on to become one of the most important people…
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  • Sigmund Freud

    Sigmund Freud 1885

    Born in 1856 Sigmund Freud was interested in neurology, and went to study in France. At the.end of his period…
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  • Emile Coue

    Emile Coué 1857

    Emile Coué, born in 1857, owned his own pharmacy and noticed the strong effects of placebos and positive suggestions. He…
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  • Dave Elman

    1920 Modern Hypnosis

    Stage Hypnotist Dave Elman has a dedicated article about him.
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  • Milton Erickson

    Milton Erickson

    He became one of the most famous hypnotherapists of this time. He used self-hypnosis to overcome the pain and stiffness…
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