About Me & How I Got Into Hypnosis

The very first time I encountered Hypnosis was a book with an overview of all kinds of different types of hypnosis. I don’t remember the title of the book, but I do remember that it made a life-changing impact on me. I’m talking about the year 1978 that I got my hands on this book. My parents, who were members of a book club, probably forgot to order the mandatory one book per month and got this one instead.

At the time I was studying at the Academy of Physical Education in the city of Arnhem in the east of The Netherlands, and my professor in Psychology ms Finkelstein was impressed when I put this book on my reading list. It became the subject of my psychology exam.

Hypnosis and NLP

Ever since I’ve been interested in both Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and I even visited a workshop with Anthony Robbins in Rotterdam. Of course, I bought his book “The Giant Within” and started to practice his NLP principles in my job as a sales representative. I became one of the best salesmen of the company with an average market share in my region of close to 90%.

My First Experience With Hypnosis

At one point in time, I used a fashionable small bag in which I kept my passport, driver’s license, and some other important papers. Then I lost my bag! And I had no recollection where I could have lost it. At a certain moment, I thought that maybe hypnosis could help me recall where I’d left the bag. A search in the telephone book-learned that a hypnotherapist resided in a nearby village and I made a call. He was willing to help me the same day and when I arrived at his place he welcomed me, explained the principles of hypnosis and asked me to sit down in a relaxing chair, and focused my attention on a blank wall.

He then guided my imagination into a chamber at the top of a flight of stairs and let me step down the stairs until I reached a garden. He never described any detail and he let my imagination fill in the details of the chamber, the stairs, and the garden. Finally, in the garden, he told me that in the center I would see where my lost bag would be.

When I came into the center I saw myself at the trunk of a rental car I had used the previous day, and I saw how I put my bag in the trunk to have my hands free to remove some boxes. After that, I closed the trunk and left unknowingly my bag behind. I was so relieved to know where my bag was. When I came home, my wife told me that the rental company had called to tell me that they’ve found my bag and already send it by post to my home address.

Why Do I Want To Inform You About Hypnosis?

Because of the strength, the power, and the efficacy of hypnosis I think it is important that more people should learn about it.

The Goal Of This Site

Information about hypnosis is scattered, incomplete, based on myths or on fears, and it is my goal to create a platform with truthful information about the origin, it’s development, the present situation, and future development of hypnosis. I think it is also important to show what can be achieved with hypnosis, how many problems it can tackle and which people and/or companies deliver a truly good experience.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave your comments or questions below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Eljay Bos

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