What is Hypnosis?

How I got into hypnosis


How hypnosis works video
How hypnosis works video

There are many descriptions and opinions about Hypnosis. Too many to write them all down, but according to Wikipedia is:

Hypnosis a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness, and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

There are competing theories explaining hypnosis and related phenomena. Altered state theories see hypnosis as an altered state of mind or trance, marked by a level of awareness different from the ordinary state of consciousness.

In contrast, nonstate theories see hypnosis as, variously, a type of placebo effect, a redefinition of an interaction with a therapist or form of imaginative role enactment.

What does that first sentence mean? Basically, it means Hypnosis is a state of mind with heightened focus on something specific, and less or no attention to the rest of the surroundings.

Some hypnotherapists think that hypnosis is a very common situation very often experienced by almost every person. Now, that’s a very bold statement, especially given how many people look upon hypnosis as something mysterious, and frightening.

Here are some examples of people who are in a hypnotic state:

  • Reading a book, being (almost) completely absorbed by the content.
  • Watching a tv-show, forgetting time. All of a sudden you realize it is very late.
  • Driving a car, and you can’t remember the last few kilometers.
  • Working on a presentation, and all of a sudden it’s lunchtime.
  • I bet you can think of something similar yourself.

So, when hypnosis happens this frequently and it is that common it is certainly not something to be afraid of. Look at the video of Mark Tyrell for an even better explanation.

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